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Kevin Mullani is dedicated to serving  entrepreneurs and skilled professionals that want to make books a key part of their success strategy.
Kevin Mullani is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and skilled professionals that want to make books a key part of their success strategy.
Meet Kevin
KEVIN MULLANI is a publisher, ghostwriter, nonfiction book-coach, and closet digital marketer who is bridging the gap between online sales experts and the publishing industry.

Shortly after getting out of the Air Force, the unexpected passing of Kevin’s youngest son, Ethan Tru, prompted him to start a publishing company as a way to help others pass on their wisdom through books. Growing his company from scratch, his service has always been based in integrity and centered around producing the highest quality books for his clients. Since founding Tru Publishing in 2012, he has helped countless authors to write and publish books, leaving legacies of their own.

Recently, Kevin has created digital training programs based on the time-tested processes he has found to be most successful in his own business. His introductory program, Blue Ocean Positioning, is focused on teaching authors the most important elements they need to know before writing a book. Expert Book Formula is his flagship program designed to help authors properly structure and write a life-changing nonfiction book.

Innovator Press is Kevin’s latest venture—a new publishing company that focuses solely on solution-based, nonfiction books. He is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the Nonfiction Authors Association, and currently lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two children.

On-Demand Courses
with Kevin Mullani

Most entrepreneurs and skilled professionals know they should have a book to strengthen their credibility and authority. However, most don't have any idea where to start. They are true experts in their field, but the thought of translating their skills, experience, or expertise into a book can be paralyzing. This is where the Blue Ocean Positioning training can help!

A little preparation before you start writing will simplify the process of writing a book significantly. This work upfront will serve as the foundation to almost everything else you do, from knowing the main problem your book should solve, what sales messaging will be needed to attract your target audience, who your target audience really is, to how a book can fit into your existing business, or value ladder.

This training should be a prerequisite for writing any self-help or how-to book.  
The latest NPD Bookscan Report states that the growth of nonfiction books (specifically self-help and how-to) is significantly outpacing the number of people buying in these categories. This means, if you want to write a book that helps people, you have to stand out from the crowd more than ever before.

Expert Book Formula is a framework for structuring and writing a book that was developed over 10 years, utilizing secrets from the top marketers, publishers, and high-performance coaches. This innovative new system provides experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners a dead-simple process to write a book quickly that will produce real results for the reader, create raving fans, and generate new business and revenue for the author.

Put yourself ahead of the crowd and learn to write like an innovator!
The Amazon advertising system is one of the most confusing pay-per-click ad systems in existence. That said, it can also be one of the most effective and reasonably priced ad platforms to drive large amounts of traffic to your book. If you want to get as many people as possible viewing your book's sales page every day, then you NEED to understand Amazon Ads. And, you need to know the different strategies that work for your specific goals. Not all Amazon ad strategies are created equal. 

Amazon Advertising Authority breaks it down in simple training so you can be successful.

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Major Projects
As many as 30 different healing practitioners will each contribute a chapter about their specific method of healing trauma. This will act as an invaluable resource to those who want to healing options, and to the practitioners who participate because of the promotion and marketing.

This book will be guaranteed to reach bestseller status in at least one Amazon category and we will make a large effort to hit USA Today or WSJ bestseller lists as well.

Click below to learn more and apply to be a part of this book.

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